Jan 1, 2015


1. Max gil
2. Max experience points
3. Max number of monsters killed
4. Max drop rate
5. x99 drop multiplier
6. Fast job leveling
7. Entire team levels up from one battle
8. General max inventory exploit
9. Item sorting exploit (get 98 of everything)
10. Equipment dupe (need at least 2)
11. Infinite mana (level up or heal for effect)
12. Always escapable (even bosses)
13. 1 hit kill with normal attack
14. No job change panelty
15. God mode in battles
16. Equip any gear for any class
17. Enable save editing
18. No file checksum
19. 0 play time
20. Always steal tier 3 item
21. 100% steal success rate
22. x99 stolen loot multiplier
23. x99 map loot multiplier
24. Save anywhere, even in dungeons
25. No random battles (use NRB version)*
26. Walk through world map (use WTW version)*
27. Walk through walls (use WTW version)*
28. No vehicle collision
29. No license check
30. Full offline
*Use FULL for all hacks, and DEFUALT to disable these features

Credit: Hacked by Riu

Download from Zippyshare  Download from Sharebeast  Download from Solidfiles

if any link has broken please tell me with comment on form comment bellow.
Thanks for visit and happy gaming.

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